Meet Tuggy and his friends

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Tuggy the Tug Boat

Tuggy is a little red tug boat and he does all sorts of jobs on the river in Tuggyland. When he's not at work Tuggy likes to snooze under the big willow tree at the side of the river.
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Trixie the Trip Boat

Trixie the trip boat is very pretty, she has big blue eyes and curly lashes and is always wearing pink bows and frills. Trixie lives at the Tuggyland boat yard and is always busy taking people for rides up and down the river.
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TuggyBen & TuggyBelle

TuggyBen is Tuggy's younger brother, he is little bit smaller than Tuggy and lives with his little sister TuggyBelle under a big stone bridge further down the river. TuggyBelle is very jolly and always smiling and she loves going to visit Tuggyland.
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Cat the cat

Cat the ginger cat lives at Willow Farm with Barka and they are very best friends. Cat doesn't really like the water but he does like to snooze in the shade of the big willow tree.
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Barka the dog

Barka the black dog lives at Willow Farm which is just round the corner from Tuggy's willow tree. Barka loves to swim in the river and to carry things around, but most of all he likes to eat ice cream.
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Jess is the grey horse who lives at Willow Farm with Barka and Cat. She likes to eat grass along the river bank and watch the boats go by.
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Mista Boata

Mista Boata is in charge of the Tuggyland Boatawash, he always carries a yellow duster for polishing boats.
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Croaka the Frog

Croaka is a big green frog who likes to eat strawberry ice cream.
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Thumpa and Dumpa

Thumpa & Dumpa are big fierce boats who live further down the river. Tuggy is a bit frightened of them and tries to hide under the willow tree.